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Grithin - 2017 ref sheet by Ferretser Grithin - 2017 ref sheet by Ferretser
AA my first OC, first one i made at least, technically strike and project82 are my first OC'S, BUT, he isn't really a OC because he was made in AJ (Animal Jam) so it's more like... if u made a character in a dress up game, it belongs to you but it's not very original or different, and you didn't really design it, you just picked out colours and items. 

so this is my first oc i actually drew! (not made in AJ lol) i think he's an amazing OC, considering he's my first one. many people have first OC's with 0 matching colours, but i think his colours match very well. maybe because he was inspired by lupis vulpes, and lupis vulpes's designs are AMAZING <3
-his design wasn't stolen from lupis though, the colours were chosen by me, and everything else too except the hair style... copying a hairstyle is something everyone does so i don't think that's a bad thing. 

I kept all of the same colours (including background colours lol) except the colour of the robot arm, i thought making the grey slightly green would make it stand out a little less, and match with the rest of the colours. (my colours used to be so different 2 years ago than they are now, now i almost always use a quite natural fur colour, i almost never use green, i find that to be very strange) 

this drawing *is* inspired by lupis vulpse's old style, but it is very far off identical to lupis's style. so this is not "style theft"
the face is quite similar but everything else is quite different, even the line art is different. 

2 year improvement 
Old ref sheet:…

iv'e improved so much in 2 years, i'll do a detailed drawing of grithin just to show how different my art is now. my ref's aren't as detailed as normal art (because they can't really have shading so the character's colours are clear, and putting them in a interesting pose would make some parts of the character difficult to see, or impossible to see because they're hiding)
Nyan-Freak Featured By Owner Nov 4, 2017
I LovE this sO MuchH
Ferretser Featured By Owner Nov 5, 2017  Hobbyist Digital Artist
MMMM should i do a style challenge thing :OoO

cuz in this i like half mimicked lupis vulpes'ss's's old style... and it was pretty fun... HMM 
Ferretser Featured By Owner Nov 5, 2017  Hobbyist Digital Artist

you're improvement :,)

but tysm, vm      jhjhjhjh 
i#m sort of on a quest to draw all my old characters again, and maybe actually use some of them lol

eeek i'm rlly glad ppl like the redraw things 
i like doing it too so lol it's awesome i'm getting support for it ^^

my normal art does get more attention, probably  because it's more detailed but, ee i like doing this now xdd
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